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Mesh Fill Flower

Creating realistic works with the Mesh Fill

The mesh fill is the most powerful tool for creating realistic drawings of natural and artificial objects. The tool may seem difficult to use at first, but if you understand its basic concepts, you can create realistic effects.

Photo Fixes

Top 5 Photo Fixes using Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Whether you’re out snapping photos with your digital camera or just scanning old family album favorites to disc, you’re bound to end up with little anomalies that you wish you could fix quickly. In this tutorial, we’ll show you five common problems with scanned images and digital camera photos, and the techniques you can use to fix them using the tools and filters in Corel PHOTO-PAINT .

Gold Effect

Text Effects: Real Gold

Here is a nice technique to make realistic gold. This technique is probably best used for text or things like rings where the gold finish is much more polished than in gold nuggets etc. You can use this technique in all versions of Corel Photo-Paint from version 8 upwards.

Image Stiching

Stitching Images with Corel PHOTO-PAINT

In this tutorial you will stitch two photographs together to produce a panoramic view

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